Online Watershed Learning System (OWLS)

The OWLS is an interactive cyberlearning system delivering integrated live and historical environmental monitoring data from LEWAS to any end users, regardless of the hardware and software platforms used. OWLS has been designed so that a user can explore its various components to learn about the LEWAS field site, the Webb Branch watershed, environmental parameters, changes of the environmental parameters over time, and to understand different environmental events. A user has the ability to download data for calculations, and to compare, contrast, and analyze the environmental data. The OWLS has a user-tracking system that captures each users' actions within the OWLS and stores it in a secure LEWAS database for research. Link to the OWLS

Technologies Used

Interactive Display (iDisplay)

One of the LEWAS user-interfaces is an interactive display. It was created in 2015 by LEWAS team members. The iDisplay was made to interactively inform the public about their own environment and the various LEWAS activities. It is flexible and responsive to various screen resolutions and devices. The home page has a live video feed of the LEWAS field site and seven sub-directories.

The LEWAS Lab is exploring the project of providing the equipment needed to display the iDisplay at K-12 institutions and for it to be used as an education tool in class. We are now re-purposing the iDisplay for exclusively educational purposes in K-12 institutions. Link to the iDisplay

Technologies Used

Virtual Environment

The advent of low-cost virtual reality hardware has greatly improved the accessibility of this technology for educational purposes. Current developments include educational modules regarding sensor, hydrology, and environmental principles.

Technologies Used

In the LEWAS Lab we utilize the game engine Unity to design learning modules and effective techniques for engineering and general education purposes. This along with open-source artwork and CAD softwares make the virtual environment a possibility.